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Hofmühlenstraße 4
01187 Dresden / Germany

Tel.: +49 (351) 89951-0
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Strategic Partnerships
For many years VSX is maintaining business relations with different companies and research facilities. The following list gives an overview about the current strategic partnerships.
CFturbo Software & Engineering
The Turbomachinery Design Company
Dresden & Munich / Germany
Cfturbo Software & Engineering GmbH is an engineering company offering CAE services and software development focusing on fluid dynamics/turbomachinery. The company offers software and consultancy for turbomachinery design and development including conceptual design, simulation, prototyping and experimental investigations.
Euroflo Pumps International Pte Ltd.
Since March 2011 Singaporean-based Company Euroflo Pumps International is the official distributor for Spaix products in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Euroflo General Manager Max Chiew is responsible for all sales and marketing issues concerning the Spaix software solutions in these markets.

Euroflo started distributing OEM pumps in 1989 and served booming markets like Marine and Offshore, Shipbuilding, General Industry, Domestic Water Distribution, Building and Services. Seeing opportunities in unmet customers' needs in quality products with commensurate pricing, Euroflo decided to embark on manufacturing its own pumps in 2005, stamping its own brand under the name Euroflo, in a rented one hundred thousand square feet plant. In 2007 the company has built a fully mechanized production plant to cope with increasing demands and could increase the production capacities. Today, Euroflo is well-established on the market and a major pump manufacturer.

With a Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering, Max Chiew started in 1994 as an Application Engineer and is today General Manager of the pump company Euroflo. He was involved in pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, rigs construction, Building & Services, was EPC contractor and has a wide-ranging knowledge of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. He has worked with brands like Wilden, Finder, ITT Goulds and Tuthill, to name a few.
Microsoft Partner Network Membership
Silver Application Development
Silver Hosting
Since mid-2006 VSX – Vogel Software (VSX) is certified as Microsoft partner. That guarantees the compatibility of all in-house developed software products with the latest Microsoft operating systems and browsers prior to their official market release. VSX has qualified in the categories Application Development and Hosting within the Microsoft Partner Network.
Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod)
Moscow / Russia
Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod) is one of Russia’s leading developers of CAD/CAE software and databases for hydraulic and heat loss calculation and strength analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses. "Hydrosystem" software developed by NTP Truboprovod performs heat losses, pressure drop calculations, surge analysis and nominal size selection for pipeline networks, transporting compressible or incompressible one-phase fluids, as well as advanced two-phase gas-liquid mixtures. The company also performs a range of activities aimed at setting up and developing process facilities, including expert review of industrial safety of process facilities and technical devices; non-destructive examination of vessels, apparatuses, tanks and pipelines in oil, gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries; design and engineering of process facilities in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other facilities operating explosion-fire hazardous, toxic and aggressive media.
R. Vogel Forschung
Labor für Strömungs- und Schüttguttechnik
Weimar / Germany
The R. Vogel Research lab has fundamental scientific and technical knowledge in the area of rheometrical tasks. One research part is especially focused on the rheometrical investigations of all "debris fluids" (mixtures of fluids and solids) independent from the type of binder.
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