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Hofmühlenstraße 4
01187 Dresden / Germany

Tel.: +49 (351) 89951-0
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Product Overview
VSX specializes in software and Internet solutions for the pump industry. Main product of the business unit is the pump selection system Spaix 4 Pumps whose functionality can be individually extended due to a variety of additional modules. The core product is available for the platforms Microsoft Windows, Web and Mobile (iOS and Android).


Spaix4 Motiv
Spaix 4 Pumps Desktop + Spaix 4 Pumps Web »
Pump selection system including product configurator and quote generation for the platforms Microsoft Windows and/or Web

Spaix 4 Mobile »
Pump selection software with limited functionality for Mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Spaix 4 Tools »
Several add-ons for the pump selection system Spaix 4 Pumps for the individual extension of functionality

Spaix Quick&Easy »
Desktop entry-level version covering the functions pump selection and performance curve management for the platform Microsoft Windows

Spaix 4 Platforms

With Spaix 4 VSX is expanding its multi-platform concept by native applications for mobile devices. Due to this concept users get the possibility to access a unique database via different devices corresponding to a certain situation and infrastructure. Thus, the desktop application is the perfect solution if no reliable Internet connection is available. A crucial advantage of the web version is the use in Internet browsers without the need of a program installation. Spaix 4 Mobile assembles another piece to the puzzle which is - in its entirety - unique on the market.

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